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Version 35.0

Release date

9th May 2016


Look and Feel

Improvements to look and feel. New version now able to use more of the desktop to provide you with the information you need.

Brand new tool bar with drop down lists to access user profile settings, help, reports and the admin area.

Improvements to how the site is displayed on a mobile device. Applications are now fully responsive, meaning that it adjusts what is being displayed according to device used.

Now able to take photographs of receipts whilst using desktop version on a mobile device.

Improvements to the claim assistant make it easier to manage and understand where your claims are up to.

New back buttons included on various screens.

Report and filter options moved to top bar on the claim manager screen.

New icons added to claim lines for editing and deleting.

Changes to admin features. New icon added to tool bar, claim overview has now been renamed to "Search" Significant improvements to the Make Payments screen.

An in-depth guide on the new features can be found here

Bug fixes

Fix applied to admin email distribution screen,

Fixed an issue on the manager list report within utility reports

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